Trekking the Okavango by Mokoro

Will Botswana’s Okavango Delta, the world’s largest freshwater inland delta be designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site? We’ll know soon, as this month (June 2014) the committee meets to announce its status. So this jUne our blogs are all about the Okavango, the vast pristine wilderness area that is one of the richest wildlife paradises on the planet.

Courtesy of National Geographic and the Okavango Wilderness Project

A good place to start is to take you along on the expedition journey of conservationist, wildlife ecologist and National Geographic Emerging Explorer Dr. Stephen Boyes and his team as they trek through the Okavango by mekoro with their baYei River Bushmen guides and mentors.

Click here to read about and view the amazing videos from the Okavango Wilderness Project. 

This is cool! Follow the Okavango Expedition team’s 2013 trek here: Into the Okavango

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