Weather Guide For Your Next Botswana Trip

Planning Your Trip To Botswana Around The Weather

Are you thinking about planning a trip to Botswana in the near future? If you are, you have a fascinating time ahead of you. This travel location has the potential to be nothing short of spectacular! With unspoiled wilderness areas, islands, lagoons and incredible wildlife, a trip to Botswana sure can be a trip to remember, and for all the right reasons!

However, you may wonder when you should plan your trip for? What is the weather like in Botswana and which months would make an ideal choice for you? Allow us to tell you a little about the type of weather you could expect in Botswana during various seasons of the year.

A Typical Southern Africa Climate

If you know anything about this part of the world, then you are likely familiar with what we mean when we say, ‘a typical Southern Africa climate’. This is pretty much what you can also expect in Botswana. In saying that, the rainfall in Botswana tends to be at a lower level than rainfall in countries which are further East.

December to March

This is when most of the rainfall happens. The average minimum temperature from December through to March is in the low 20s. If you plan to visit Botswana during these months, you really do need to be prepared for a ‘mixed bag’ of weather. Some days may be lovely and sunny with one long bright spell all day long. However, other days may be grey from morning to night. Afternoon thunderstorms are also a common part of the weather between December and March.

April And May

These months tend to provide very pleasant weather for residents, as well as holiday-makers, to enjoy. The clear skies and green landscape which April and May boast can certainly make these months appealing for vacations.

June To August

While the night time temperature can be cold, even close to freezing, the daytime temperature is warm, and you will often be able to enjoy blue skies. June through to August tend to be viewed as the ‘peak season’ for safari tours in Botswana. During these months the land is dry, and the animals tend to gather around the water sources making the tours successful.

September To October

During September and October, the temperatures start to increase again, the landscape becomes much drier, and the animals tend to congregate even more. While this can be a very favourable time for safari tours, it is also a very hot time of the year with temperatures reaching up to a very toasty 40 degrees Celsius.


Each year can be different when it comes to the weather during November. Sometimes the heat from September and October follows through into November making it a hot month. However, during other years the temperature is already starting to drop, and the first rains arrive. If you plan to visit Botswana during this month, you really do need to be prepared for all weather types during your trip!

Now that you know what the weather is like during various months of the year in Botswana it is time to decide which period would be ideal for you. To help you do this, you should take several factors into consideration

Are You Good In Extreme Heat?

As we noted above, some months of the year, in particular, September and October can be very hot in Botswana. In fact, with temperatures reaching up to 40 degrees Celsius the weather really does play a significant role in your decision. Think about previous vacations you have been on. What were the typical temperatures? Did you enjoy holidays where temperatures were very high or did you end up spending most of your time indoors soaking up the aircon? Take an honest look at how you, and those you are travelling with, deal with extreme temperatures. If you don’t feel too positive about it, try to avoid September and October for your planned vacation.

What Do You Plan To Do During Your Trip?

It’s more than likely that you have a plan for your trip to Botswana. Perhaps you want to see the wild wilderness and stunning lagoons, or you may be all about taking exciting safari tours and seeing as many animals as possible. What you want to do during your trip will have a significant impact on the month you decide to go.

Remember, June through to August tends to be the peak season for safari tours. While the animals tend to congregate and be easily seen during this time period, the temperatures are not quite as hot as the months that follow. So, it may make these months an ideal time for your visit to this beautiful part of the world.

Do You Plan To Visit Other Countries?

If you are travelling to Botswana, you may also be considering the option to visit other countries which are close by. If this is the case, you should take the amount of time you will be on vacation into account. Perhaps you plan to take a month, or even longer, to enjoy your vacation and visit several countries. If this is the case, it is vital to carefully analyse the weather in each country and make your plans in such a way that you can benefit from the best of each place. This may mean making Botswana the first country on your tour, the last one, or somewhere in the middle!

Indeed, a visit to Botswana has the potential to be full of adventure, excitement, and wonder. From the incredible safari tours, the wildernesses, parks, and beautiful retreats, when you visit Botswana once, you are very likely to fall head over heels in love with this beautiful country! Remember, by taking the time in advance to fully understand the weather in Botswana you will be able to choose a time period for your trip which will help you to enjoy it to the full.

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